I’m Argentinian, but I live in Italy. I’ve always been excited about drawing and creating my own characters ever since I can remember. However, this seemed like a «world only for me», and looking around at the social situation in my country, I decided to dedicate myself to addressing the social problems and began studying Social Work at the university.

I am passionate about getting to know new cultures, peoples, languages and ways of expressing oneself… I am convinced that diversity is a contribution, to make our daily life more dynamic and rich.

In this exchange I became aware that our own talents and skills can be a real contribution to make change to the world we live in. This experience led me to rethink my career and I decided to improve my drawing and studied illustration.

Personally, I like to think the creation of an image can be a space of interaction where adults and children, from one culture or another, can meet, exchange ideas, opinions, emotions, as well as learn and grow together.

I support a project for transmitting and spreading values through stories for children who attend rural schools or low income schools in Argentina.

I work as a Freelancer and specialise in books for children, as well as editorial books, magazine’s illustration and editorial cartoons


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